Faith & Organizations


This curriculum module is designed for students in seminaries, Bible colleges, and ministry certification and leadership training programs. It may be a stand-alone seminar or integrated into another course.

Modules for Graduate Level Social Work Curricula

These modules are designed for use in graduate social work education programs that address the theory and practice of social work administration. They utilize materials developed as part of the Faith and Organizations project, a research/practice project designed to provide evidence based materials for faith communities and their organizations to help faith communities and FBOs understand their relationship to each other and the role of faith traditions in FBO governance, structure and programming. The core content of each module can be covered within one 2.5 hour class session, supplemented by assigned readings from the Faith and Organizations Project reports and by an implementation task designed to be carried out in the students' field setting. If needed, case histories are available through the Faith and Organizations Project website for assignments.

The three modules address the following:

The modules could be adapted for use with experienced professionals through continuing education units. The content can be easily adapted to a distributed learning venue. The versions presented here were designed for face-to-face classroom interaction and include: presentation of content, participant reaction and discussion of case studies, and participant-facilitator interaction.

The modules are appropriate for a range of social work courses (as suggested within the modules) in secular as well as faith-sponsored social work programs. Each module addresses core competencies required by the 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards as mandated by the Council on Social Work Education.